Planet Tip
Planet Tip
An online tip jar where you can receive or send a gratuity electronically

What is Planet Tip?

How It Works

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The Planet Tip Story

Planet Tip is a small company that had its beginning in Vermont, when John and Jo-Anne Drury wanted to give a gratuity (tip) their daughter's ski instructor at the ski resort on the mountain. They had no cash on them and then said to themselves "wouldn't it be great if we could tip the ski instructor with our smart phone either now or later when we get back to the bottom of the hill?" Together they set out to solve this problem by creating a virtual tip jar and Planet Tip was born!

Planet Tip strives to create a better world. A place where people are encouraged to give great service and when they do, they receive a genuine appreciation of a job well done. At Planet Tip, its way more than a thank you - you can connect and learn about the person who provided you with service and provide feedback and comments in addition to a gratuity. This can all be done from your smart phone from any anywhere in the world to anyone in the world at any time. We hope you join the Planet Tip community by signing up - it's free to do so.